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In the Showroom Ep.01 @HiddenShowroom

17 September 2020

In the Showroom Ep.01 @HiddenShowroom

The Hidden Showroom family decided to release a weekly raw & uncut promo video to the public.

It’s called “In the Showroom” hosted by LUNETZ. Where each guest presents his Top 3 of the week!

In French, but with English subtitles.

This week watch Steven Fields & Brian Mota in a their first digital appearance letting you know their favorite picks of the week!

Follow & Subscribe because it’s just the beginning. Remember 200 VISIONS a decade ago? You’ll like this concept too.

This episode was the first improvised one-take that we did, but decided to show it to the public! Enjoy & don’t forget to book your appointment at the Showroom!

In the Showroom Ep.01 : https://youtu.be/Zl-TeG9QzNk


In the Showroom A weekly show directly from the Hidden Showroom Complex with the Staff! The Showroom Stylists are giving you their favorite TOP 3 of the week.

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This week : John Dalia, Rare Drank, Cazal, 2C2NV, DomRebel, WePrint.Design, HiddenShowroom, EyeReligion, & much more!

Check out :




Our Stylists :

Lunetz @Lunetzdotcom

LeFields @LeFields514

Brian Mota @Mota_Swagga

See you Next Week or Sooner at the Showroom at your appointment time! Send us an email to Shop@HiddenShowroom.com for any inquiries, questions, requests or anything related to @HiddenShowroom @EyeReligion @WePrint.Design @CelebrityEyewearMatch

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