Cazal Titanium 7075 Optical

CAD $550.00

CAD $550.00
COLOR Black Gold
SIZE 59-15-140mm
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Cazal Titanium 7075 Optical

Made in Germany


When you want a unique look that expresses your flair for fashion and courage to think outside of the box, CAZAL eyewear just might be the perfect match. Gaining traction in the 80s with extravagant styles that embodied hip hop culture, creator Cari Zalloni pursued his passion for design through his iconic brand.

CAZAL eyeglass frames utilize a wide variety of materials, shapes, and finishes to create their signature look. Frames from the Legends collection incorporate everything that’s non-traditional about eyewear – plenty of gold, oversized lenses, and funky details are reminiscent of 80s styling.

Both the men’s and women’s collections offer something for everyone, whether you want a bold and sassy style or a subdued and classy look. Acetate and metal frames are in abundance with their deep product line, and CAZAL eyeglass frames are built for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Despite Zalloni’s death in 2012, the spirit of his eclectic brand lives on. Elevate your personal style and turn heads with CAZAL prescription glasses and sunglasses!

Cazal is one of the world’s true upscale, eyewear collections. Created in 1975 by renowned designer Cari Zalloni, for whom the brand takes it namesake, Cazal eyeglass frames have always been designed to be unique, unmistakable works of art. Always daring to be different, Cazal’s elegance, creativity, and uncompromising quality remain at the pinnacle of modern eyewear.

Cazals are not made to be just a “pair of glasses”, but rather they are created for the person who has high fashion standards and a desire for originality. Every Cazal eyeglass frame is a masterpiece of design using exquisite materials and unparalleled precision. The attention to color is obvious through brilliant hand colorations that are exclusive to Cazal. Adornments are done by hand on each frame and include a combination of syringes, airbrushes, stencils, color baths, glitter, stones, acetates, glass, and lacquer inlays. High quality galvanization and lacquer protects from corrosion, scratching, and loss of color.

Throughout the years Cazal has been notable for the celebrities whom have become lovers of the brand. Bursting into prominence in the 1980’s under the moniker of “Cazzie Fever”, the collection obtained fans such as Michael Jackson, Run DMC, Stevie Wonder, and Sammy Davis Junior. Today, Cazal has established itself as a mainstay in fashion with such celebrities as Jay Z, Will Smith, Rhianna, Brad Pitt, Usher, Will I Am, Sean Combs, Randy Jackson, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Amare Stoudemire, Paul Pierce, Nas, Rick Ross, and Tim Nordwind among many others being photographed wearing the frames.

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