Caliber Optics RB52 Optical

CAD $430.00

CAD $430.00
COLOR Antique Gold
SIZE 52-20-150mm
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Caliber Optics RB52 Optical

Assert yourself. This bold round frame asserts its self on your face. The double bridge brings this timeless piece up to today’s standards.
Semi rimless means half as heavy. Fully adjustable nose pads grip the frame to your face. Flex Beta Titanium temples add comfort while reducing weight.

Counterweights crafted from original .357 cartridges and solid sterling silver for balance and comfort.
Prescription ready, just take these to your optician.
Counterweight: 5.6g
Frame front: 5.7g

– Less parts, more reliable. Electric discharge machining is used to cut a compressed spring into each temple. It will never break and can be readjusted by hand.

– Durable stainless steel bolted to flexible hypoallergenic beta titanium. Weighty solid brass is hand swagged into each temple tip. Expert material selection and over two decades of design knowledge bring comfort and durability to an exceptional frame.

– Fully adjustable anti slip nose pads are solidly screwed and then welded to the stainless steel front. The semi rimless construction reduces frame front weight even more.

– Lenses are the barrier to dust and harmful UV rays. Our lenses protect your eyes from both. CAT3 UV400 Polarized lenses help you see better longer.

– 357 is inspired by the philosophy of the modern firearm with emphasis on balance, durability and design. It is singularly focused on performance.

– Age old artisan techniques are fused with modern technology. Solid brass is hand swagged into titanium, to create exceptionally comfortable eyeglasses.

– Minimalist frame front design shifts weight to the back of the frame relieving pressure on the nose.

– The new 357 line from Vinylize incorporates spent cartridge cases as a counterweight. Each brass casing is machined and washed before being swagged into the temple tip of a 357 frame.

– Caliber’s counterweights are as heavy as the frame front and lens put together. Like an evenly balanced see-saw, it keeps your Caliber on your head and your lenses in front of your eyes.

– We aren’t interested in building the lightest frame out there. A few extra grams won’t matter at the end of the day. It’s where you put those extra grams that matter.

– I find inspiration in everyday objects and unfortunately in many places, finding ammunition cartridges on the streets is an everyday occurrence. My team and I decide to make something beautiful and useful out the leftovers of a thing designed to take lives. – Zack Tipton, founder

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