The story of the brand began with the constant thirst for innovation. Vysen started as a personal life project for a group of passionate entrepreneurs, inspired by the art of progressive composition of high quality materials and design for the ultimate sunglasses.

The word Vysen comes from the Hindu term “Vyasan,” virtue, suggesting a positive trait or quality deemed to be morally excellent, promoting collective and individual greatness. Vysen started in 2014 with our headquarters in Miami, Florida. It quickly became a brand contemplating the design and production of high quality sunglasses, unifying in balance Miami’s Art Deco architecture within our products and that is why, the visionary use of materials and a wealth of experience in eyewear design and craftsmanship are the defining elements behind Vysen.

With our red signature

in each of our creations, we emphasize our passion spectrum into our sunglasses; love, passion & energy. Our collection is made with meticulous details of craftsmanship where 42 different steps are taken in order for a Vysen to come to life. To develop a sophisticated artisanal frame that features layers of depth, our factory in Italy utilizes only the highest quality materials in optical. Our commitment to craftsmanship delivers unmatched quality and a timeless style that transforms glasses from mere function to coveted pieces of art.