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RetroSuperFuture x Hello Kitty

28 March 2017

RetroSuperFuture x Hello Kitty


Super Gals Sunglasses

What if the symbol of  Japanese “pop culture” meets one of the most glamorous and alternative brands of the world of eyewear? Simple, an icon was born.  Because the protagonist of this spectacular project is just her, the most beloved and popular cat in the world, Hello Kitty, seen through the lenses of the cult brand Super by RetroSuperFuture.

A collection that hardly goes unnoticed, thanks to a superimposition of images that revive the story and adventures that have made Hello Kitty one of the most important protagonists of pop culture. Taking a cue from the original drawings of the Japanese company, Sanrio, created in 1974, Super immortalized the cat with the red bow in an exceptional collector’s item. All enriched by a “layering” of colorful and unforgettable icons of the international scenario.

Exuberant, eclectic and hyper feminine frame, Harajuku Girls style, these glasses are just waiting to be worn and admired. For sale on our website. Meow!

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